Immediate Exit of GCC Expats and its effect on Protective Work Culture in the Gulf Region


I’m writing this on the wake of hearing the news of laying off my close friend. I’m worried for him for the situation he is in right now and I hope he could manage to get a new job and meet his expenses, but I’m more worried about the same situation any expat in this Gulf region could end up to be in. The thing is, getting fired from your job is not a big deal in this time or any previous decades. It happens for many reasons like company loosing a deal or not having a budget, internal politics or even you not reaching the expectations of the company targets. You cannot predict the global economic recess your country falling into or any other factors that effected your layoff.

Problem is Immediate Exit. You have to leave the country in no less than 2-4 weeks even if you have helped the development of this country for over 50 years. This means you have to sell all of your properties (if any), furniture, vehicle, wind up all investments, Discontinue Kids from School/College, pay off all debts, close all bank accounts and pack up and leave to the city of nowhere. Forget Citizenship; you have to go back to your home country as it is none of their business to see if you have a place to go back to.

This is a nightmare for any human being to even imagine. Blessed are those who have a peaceful country and some people to whom they can go back to and restart their new life of repatriation. For others it will be a tragedy to seek refugee status in any country rather than going back to war zones. Realizing this, people would do anything to not land in such a situation and would protect their job loss scenario. This in turn affects a lot of things in the work culture of Gulf regions. Cheap work politics, Lack of Professionalism, Risk avoidance, Occupational Inequality including under-utilized skillsets and Recruitment Injustice, Creating highly dependent roles by centralizing responsibility, Impact of Stress on Productivity and Work outcome, Lack of Accountability in tasks, Bluffing your Employer or Clients, Influence of Management and many other things. This is a major problem every middle eastern Employer faces and there are many who are exploiting this law to threat their unskilled labors as well. They keep shuffling the task force with unending rush of job seekers to fulfill the customer satisfaction they promised.

Well I’m not against the Autocratic Governments of these regions. In fact, I sometimes prefer them to a failing Democracy, but I would like to humbly request them to ease the process of exit for the family in such situations and give them the time to stay for at least 6 months to 1 year so that one can find a new job to fulfill his duties or pay off his debts and prepare well for repatriation.


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